Monday, 19 September 2011


My,  word

I have been hibernating since April. Summer and I don't see eye to eye. So, I have since my last post in late April, been hibernating somewhere deep, deep in the ancient Norwegian forests. In a dark spot where no sun has ever spread its treacherous rays. I must say, though, it has been nice to come out from my isolation to see Autumn finally upon us with its depressing rain. As I understand it, Norway has not has this bad a September since records began. I love it. If that isn't an oxymoron; for me to love anything ...

Anyhow, I have spent my hiatus updating on my Black Metal, and found some cool stuff. The Norwegian Tsjuder is fabulous and I recommend everyone who like their music dark and hard to check them out here. They are also releasing a new album «Legion Helvete» October 14th. Sounds promising.

Another pleasing release was this month's «Heritage» by Opeth. Though, Micke has left his growling somewhere along the way (though, as he says in this interview, this does not mean he would never go back to it ...),  I think this album is a magnificent piece, or observation as Micke himself likes to put it. Check that one out here. I love the lyrics. Take this excerpt from «The Devil's Orchard»; 'This trail is obsidian, the grip of Winter uncoiled. A lover would follow me. Cast down and sworn to the dark.'  Oh, the geniuos of it all!

Check it out and enjoy! I'll try and update this blog more now that the dark season is back and I am out of my hibernation.

In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness.

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