Monday, 19 September 2011


My,  word

I have been hibernating since April. Summer and I don't see eye to eye. So, I have since my last post in late April, been hibernating somewhere deep, deep in the ancient Norwegian forests. In a dark spot where no sun has ever spread its treacherous rays. I must say, though, it has been nice to come out from my isolation to see Autumn finally upon us with its depressing rain. As I understand it, Norway has not has this bad a September since records began. I love it. If that isn't an oxymoron; for me to love anything ...

Anyhow, I have spent my hiatus updating on my Black Metal, and found some cool stuff. The Norwegian Tsjuder is fabulous and I recommend everyone who like their music dark and hard to check them out here. They are also releasing a new album «Legion Helvete» October 14th. Sounds promising.

Another pleasing release was this month's «Heritage» by Opeth. Though, Micke has left his growling somewhere along the way (though, as he says in this interview, this does not mean he would never go back to it ...),  I think this album is a magnificent piece, or observation as Micke himself likes to put it. Check that one out here. I love the lyrics. Take this excerpt from «The Devil's Orchard»; 'This trail is obsidian, the grip of Winter uncoiled. A lover would follow me. Cast down and sworn to the dark.'  Oh, the geniuos of it all!

Check it out and enjoy! I'll try and update this blog more now that the dark season is back and I am out of my hibernation.

In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Ulver at Rockefeller

Saturday before easter, I went and saw Ulver at Rockefeller in Oslo. I expected a lot. And, surely, they delivered. Surprisingly (?) they played exclusively from «Wars of the Roses». I think this playing whole albums is a trend these days ... Not that I complain.

The reason I haven't written about the concert before is that I was very happy with it. So happy, I had to let it sink for a while before I wrote about it. I didn't want it to be too fresh. Now it has sunk a bit, I still think it was an awesome concert. For a band that shunned away from doing live shows, Ulver does very well. Not that they can brag about being extrovert. On stage, as on «tape», they are a inward looking band. It is obvious they are doing this for the love of the music and the art. Though, as they have admitted, it pays the bill ...

The standard VJ show played on the big screen on the wall behind them, was surprisingly clean. Though beautiful. I especially fell in love with the bleeding barn (don't remember the song, which is not bad seeing as they played 7 songs ...) and the hugely calming waves during «Islands».

The set ended with the short story «Stone Angels». It is quite interesting how a short story accompanied by a 15 minute long melody can mesmerize a live audience. I am impressed. The whole concert was a triumph for introvert music played live. They seemed a bit lighter; the darkness found in Ulver's earlier works, though not gone, was not that obvious anymore. Still, they are not a happy-go-lucky sort of band. And thank you very much for that.

In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Some good documentaries

I know some guys are more extreme than others. Some may have a reputation worse than they actually are, and for some, the reputation is dead on. I think this first documentary about Mayhem is quite fascinating. It is nice to hear the band itself talk about what happened and how it was. It gives more depth to the whole thing. Check it out:

Another one on the black metal scene in Norway in early 90's. It is made by NRK (the national broadcaster in Norway) when the people of Norway were shitting their pants scared by these satanists burning churches and all the rest of it. It is quite good as well. A bit crap quality, and you will have to click your way through on YouTube. Sorry about that. But it is well worth the time and hassle. This is the link to the first episode: If I only lived in Oslo at that time; how cool to be in the middle of history in the making! Well, the perks of being a simple kid from the outposts of life ...

In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness.

Depressing, yet brilliant

I have this album. It is so enormously depressing and bleak, I cannot just put it on on a whim. To do so, I have to be in a particular mood to pull it off. It starts so many feelings in me, I have to be prepared for it. When I put my headphones on and start «Ordo ad Chao» by Mayhem, I disappear somewhere into the Dark. When I finally reemerge in the lighter realms, I am exhausted, empty and totally invigorated. During the experience, for that is exactly what it is; an experience, I find myself checking if there is actually blood coming from my ears. It sure as hell feels like it at times.

The infamous lead singer of the early Mayhem, Dead, wrote a song called «The Freezing Moon», where he encourages people to commit suicide. This record doesn't encourage it as such, though I have the distinct feeling the already depressed listener would have lost all their remaining lust for life, and would end their miseries soon after the last tones of the last track, «Anti» has died. Hell, I am not even sure they would come that far!

This sums up music. To me, this is how music should be; evoking feelings and sentiments. I am not saying all good music should potentially be suicide triggers. My point is that music should make people feel. Make people sit down and go "What the fuck just happened?!?" or "WOW!!!". Too much music, of all ages, have no feeling; no soul. «Ordo ad Chao» does that, and I love it for it. Though, it should come with a warning: "Listen at your own risk. Not for the light hearted!"


In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Felix Castor

Just a quick mention of one of my favourite characters, Felix Castor. This rather low life exorcist who shuns away from honest work, is fantastic. So far his creator, Mike Carey, has released five books about him, «The Devil You Know», «Vicious Circle», Dead Men's Boots»,  «Thicker Than Water» and «The naming of the Beasts».  The sixth one is supposed to be published late 2011.

In these books, Felix Castor meets a lot of different creatures. Demons, ghosts, loup-garous (werewolves) and other. His «job» is to locate the lingering souls of dead people still connected to their place of death or other important sites. He uses a tin flute to trap them and to send them off to the other side. Actually, this is basically the plot in the books, though Mike Carey weaves different intrigues and stories into it and makes them fabolous reads. Though his chapters are quite long, these books are still page turners well worth the time.

If I should be a bit critical, I think Felix Castor is alarmingly similar to another dodgy spiritualist; John Constantine (which incidentally Mike Carey has written six stories about and they are also great) or Hellblazer, if you like. I am not saying it makes the books bad, I am just saying.

Anyway, I recommend everyone I know into the fantasy genre to read them.


In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness.

My first

I just started this blog as my youngest brother told me I should have a blog, seeing as I go to a lot of concerts, see lots of films, read a lot and have a lot to say in general. So I thought; why not? He had a point. I do love my culture; as long as it is dark and have atmosphere, I can love it. That said, this will not be a blog where I only write about stuff I really enjoy, it will be my honest opinion. Not everything will be praise ...

The reason I called it Tåkeland, is that it means «Land of fog» in Norwegian. Norway is a land of fog. There are a lot of mountains and wilderness, and is a cold and tough country. For some reason, I really enjoy this, and out of the four seasons we have here, I prefer the autumn. It is a melancholic and weird season. We are losing the sun, and we go towards darker times. This always reminds me of my favourite quote. It is from the song «Closure» by Opeth. «In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness». This gives me so much and sums up how I like my music (and culture in general): dark and dystopic.

Anyway, I hope someone will find this blog interesting enough to read and will enjoy it. Also, I am hoping the readers will air their opinions as well and give me feedback on my thoughts. Though, I will continue it as long as I enjoy it, readers or no readers.


In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness.